Dali as an advertiser.

Some fun comercials with brands using Dali in a sureal atempt to sell their products.


No empty chairs

Ikea creates a plataform in Switzerland to ensure that no one celebrates christmas alone. The users state whether they need a place to celebrate or if they have extra room to have people over. Ikea becomes the enabler of a Christmas spent with good company and delicious  food for everyone that does not have where to go during the holiday.



Via No empty Chairs by Ikea.

Desk beer

Brilliant idea from the UK. A service to promote local brewers and at the same time let office workers reward themselves on Fridays (when they need it the most). The service consists on the delivery of different local craft beer every Friday afternoon offering a new sample every week.
“ Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer. ”

Desk beer